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Few moments are as trying for a parent than the times when children plunge into shutdown mode then a power struggle ensues. Knowing how to respond to a child’s reaction largely determines if the problem becomes bigger – or smaller and more manageable. Should you fight fire with fire and turn up the heat? Is this the time to play tug-of-war? Maybe, there is another way.

There is another way. As a parent, learning to keep your relational circuits on is the key for using the 19 relational skills that make relationships work!




See the Shalom My Body exercises referred to in the video.

Read the Appreciation Tree blog.

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    Once again you are offering terrific information! My children are now young adults, and my mind was going back to a few specific incidents or recurring themes while watching. Additionally, I was attuned to the certainty that my relational circuits (still) turn off when I sense conflict. This would be a recurring theme from my own childhood, a learned behavior, that has served as a coping device. I’d like to learn more about rewiring the circuits in my brain.

  2. Kathy Sturgis

    I am learning to understand that I have to work on my RCs first so I can deal with others. I am thankful I am learning these so I can use them with my adult children and husband. I know they are thankful I am working on mine.

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