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We Live What we Teach and Train

We are Relational. We build relationships based on love and joy. We strive to always be in relational connection and be open to feedback if we are not.

We are Transparent and have Integrity. We practice the skills, live the lifestyle and share our stories with others.

We lead an Immanuel Lifestyle. Immanuel/ the Spirit is at the center of what we do and how we do it. We let God lead.

We pursue Maturity with a goal of being at least at adult maturity. We take initiative and follow-thru on tasks. We are generous with others while taking care of our own needs. We build healthy rhythms and a group identity that reflects the teachings of Jesus. 

We display Humility. We are teachable and submit to one another. 

why do we do this?

Our purpose providing training around growing the relational skills with people and in our spiritual lives. 

What are we best at?

Educate in Need for Skills – Through stories of transformation we show people what life can look like when the skills are used well. We help them understand this is a process of lifelong learning, and growing in joy for a lifetime (maturing).

Skill Strengthening – We help people strengthen existing skills so they become habits.

Skill Acquisition – We help people experience the skills they’ve never had.