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Join THRIVEtoday founders, Chris and Jen Coursey,
for 3 at-home date nights!

Learn and practice some exercises to increase the joy and intimacy in your marriage.

We encourage you to get a sitter, dress up, and order some of your favorite dinner to share before we start.


$59/Recording – (Scroll down to purchase individual recordings)

$125 – Package Rate for all three recordings

What are the Date Nights?

Date Night #1 - Oct 2nd; 6-9pm EST

Communication is one of the top challenges in most marriages. However, much like an iceberg, good communication involves more than the words we use. It’s the nonverbal elements behind our words that pack a punch.
In this first Date Night, Chris and Jen share about communication from a new perspective. Join us for a fun evening as they share simple techniques that will be game changers for your communication. Learn to tell the difference between when words help and hurt. This evening will fill your marriage tool-box and leave you feeling energized and connected.

Session 1

  1. Intro to your brain’s secret circuit and the Joy Switch
  2. Building joy with your beloved 
  3. Resetting with rest
  4. Smiles and stories without words

Session 2

  1. Why your brain needs the answer
  2. Gaining God’s perspective
  3. Noticing the need for a breather
  4. Harmonizing heart rhythms

Date Night #2 - Nov 6th; 6-9pm EST

Wait a minute, it’s actually possible to stay relationally connected during conflict? Join Chris and Jen for a in-depth look at what it means to keep the relationship bigger than the problem and learn the biggest factor that will determine how well you will be able to resolve conflict in your marriage. This evening will provide teaching and exercises that will bring a deeper peace and connection in your home. The best part: much of what you learn can be used for resolving conflict almost anywhere!

Session 1

  1. Why couple conflicts lock up 
  2. Shrinking your marriage Joy Gap
  3. God’s perspective of your spouse

Session 2

  1. Stay relational during conflicts
  2. Harmonizing heart rhythms
  3. Triple your joy

Date Night #3 - Dec 4th; 6-9pm EST

We’ve all heard the phrase, “give and take,” and many wives might say, “I give, he takes.” But what if the marriage dance we need to do isn’t give and take, but joy and rest? Learning and implementing these key elements into your marriage make for an easy give and take that both spouses can enjoy.

Session 1

  1. Using your relational superpower
  2. Sharing joy
  3. Maximizing oxytocin
  4. Hug and sniff

Session 2

  1. Attuning attachment signals
  2. Attachment practice
  3. Harmonizing heart rhythms
  4. Blessing and massage

Each date is fun and fantastic on its own, but you'll get the most out of it
if you can attend all three nights.
(There's also a special rate for signing up for all three!)

Ready to Register?

$59 per couple for each recorded night

$125 for all three nights