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Build the Foundation for Healthy Connection

These monthly practice events lay the foundation for your relational brain to grow. Without these skills it creates barriers for healthy and sustainable connection with others and yourself.  Each event defines the brain theory behind the skill, gives you an understanding of what it looks like to have a skill, gives multiple practice exercises to strengthen the skill.  

Monthly Online Skill Practice Events


Each month we will have a free webinar that highlights the skill covered, then a 3 hour paid event for each skill, followed by the release of an online course for those who want to take a deeper practice into growing that skill. 


After Recording of The Joy Switch

Brain science has discovered that there is a “switch” inside your brain that activates joy—the secret of healthy emotions. When joy is lacking, when the switch is off, we can’t be our best self or remain connected in our relationships.

We become angry, overwhelmed, sad. The good news is we don’t have to stay that way. Join author of The Joy Switch, Chris Coursey, for a 1 hour conversation on what this joy switch is and how it can transform not only your life, but your brain.

Understanding Your Joy Switch

January 30- 1 pm EST 

Join author of Joy Switch, Chris Coursey, for a 3 hour training on the theory of the Joy Switch and learn practical tools for not only recognizing your triggers but how to turn your joy switch back on.  

This event will include 3 one-hour sessions with 10 minute breaks in between. 


Free Webinar

Can I Experience Joy When I don’t Feel Happy?

February 26th- 1 pm EST 

Online Practice Event

How to Spread the Good Stuff

March 19- 1 pm EST