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There is nothing quite like meeting with other couples to build more joy in your marriage!

Share the experience and accelerate joy.

People get married because they believe they will experience more joy with the person they love. However, it does not take long to discover joy is an elusive thing. Most of us have no idea what causes joy or how to revive it when it begins to fade…until now!

Thanks to Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey, couples can gather online and cultivate a happy, happy marriage using the P.L.A.N. outlined in the book the 4 Habits of a Joy-Filled Marriages.

Couples going through this small group resource see results the first night!


What's Involved

Six weekly gatherings focus on shrinking the joy gap in marriages.

Shrink Your Joy Gap While You Wait

What separates happy marriages from miserable ones?

Surprisingly, it’s not healthy communication. It’s not conflict resolution skills. It’s actually the size of the marriage’s joy gap.

Joy Gap /joi gap/ (n.) – 1. The length of time between moments of shared joy

Couples Discover Together
Over the course of the 6-week study, each couple will make their way through the book and discover what brains science tells us about the joy gap and how it affects their marriage, the four habits that will shrink the joy gap, great examples, and practical exercises to start building these habits into the relationship. The weekly video recaps the weeks focused teaching and includes additional information not in the book.
Couples Gather Online
It is a proven fact that lasting change grows best in community and the point of this resource is to cultivate habits that continue to increases shared moments of joy. Gathering with other couples weekly provides you the opportunity to share the experience and accelerate the joy as you form these habits alongside one another. The weekly video prepares the way for group discussion and is modeled as the co-authors and their wives discuss the teaching and the habit from their own experience.
Couples Practice the Habits
Practice may not make you perfect but it will shrink the joy gap in your marriage! Exercises are introduced throughout the book and during the 6-weekly gatherings. Couples will practice some exercises in the group and during the week to cultivate more joy. The weekly video introduces exercises that will build the habit into the marriage and then the co-authors and their wives demonstrate the exercise. This prepares couples to implement the exercise with clarity and ease.
Couples Experience More Joy!
This is the outcome people expected when they married the person they love. Armed with the knowledge of what causes joy and the brain science behind it, coupled with the development of these 4 habits, the outcome will exceed their expectations! You will see it in the video demonstration: even the co-authors and their wives are experiencing more joy just by demonstrating the exercises! The result: Happy, Happy Marriages!

Ready to Grow Joy With Your Partner?

Cost per couple:

$179 early registration (ends April 12)
$199 regular registration

Group 2: Wednesdays
9:30 to 11:00 pm EST
8:30 to 10:00 pm CST 
7:30 to 9:00 pm MST
6:30 to 8:00 pm PST

Begins on April 21.

What to Expect

Trained Group Facilitators will guide five couples throughout the 6 weekly gatherings, offering structure, added insights, and encouragement. Each week, your group will meet to connect, watch, discuss, and practice shrinking the joy gap in your marriage.

In the video presentation, Marcus Warner recaps the information in the book, laying a foundation of understanding, and setting the tone for the online discussion. You will see the co-authors and their wives talk about the material and how practicing the habit has postively affected their relationship.

Then, Chris Coursey introduces and explains the exercises that build the habits that produce joy. You will see Chris and his wife, Jen, demonstrate the excercises, paving the way for the couples to do the same.

After the video, your group will openly discuss the material and the exercise, then you will put it into practice. The joy gap shrinks and the shared moments of joy become reality!