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We can't change our brains without practice.

Our online course platform is designed to give you the best of the science behind relational skills and the practice that helps you grow the skills. We offer a variety of courses sizes and topics to meet you where you are at in your skill journey. 

About the Platform

Thinkific is an intuitive learning platform that is easy to learn and interact in.  Each course you buy, you have access between 1 to 2 years and all of your progress is automatically saved.  

Theory & Reflection

These courses are prerequisites for THRIVE Premiere Tracks 1-3.  

Understand the theory behind the relational skills. These courses emphasis the brain science and broad foundation of why the skills transform our brains and our lives. 

Course 1 – Joy and Quiet, you will learn how to insert the rhythms of joy and quiet into your life and relationships. This material is the foundation for all of THRIVE Training.

Course 2 –  Return to Joy, you will learn more about the rhythm of joy and quiet, along with returning to joy from the “big six” negative emotions: anger, fear, shame, hopeless despair, sadness, and disgust.

Course 3–  Applied Strategies, you will learn more about the five levels of pain and strategies to resolve them. You will also learn how to share the 19 relational skills.

Get a discount by purchasing all 3 prep tracks at once! You will have 5 years of access to complete all the online courses and attend the corresponding THRIVE Premiere training.

Practice Courses

Gain the relational skills that you  need to strengthen. These courses are designed with hands on practice that actively changes your brain and your ability to connect in relationship.  

This practice course lays the foundation for your relational brain to grow. Without these skills it creates barriers for healthy and sustainable connection with others and yourself.  Each course section quickly defines the skill, gives a check list of what it looks like to have the skill, where the skill is found in Christian scripture, and gives multiple segments of practice exercises to strengthen the skill. 

What are the Foundational 5 Skills?