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online Practice community

What is it?

The Online Practice Community provides a deeper dive of practicing the 19 skills through live group training led by a THRIVEtoday Skill Trainer.  Each 3-hour event offers teaching specifically focused on one or two of the relational skills as well as training on how to develop these skills through simple exercises that you can implement in your every day life.  

What To Expect

  • After you register for your Online Practice Community event, you will receive an email with your Zoom link and other event details. 
  • On the day of the event, you will join via your Zoom link and be led through 3 one-hour sessions with 5-minute breaks.
  • Your sessions will include teaching on the skill(s) being covered interwoven with exercises to develop the skills, which you will practice and discuss in small groups.
  • You can come by yourself to a live event and you will be placed in a breakout room to practice the exercises. OR you can gather friends in your home or church and practice the exercises in person with your group.
  • You will come away with a greater understanding of the relational skills as well as simple ways to develop these skills in you own life!
  • NOTE: Registration closes the day before each event at 9pm EST.

This Month's Event

Life brings about complex situations and emotions. However, our truest self is steady and peaceful. Join THRIVEtoday trainer Amy Brown and discover how we can live as our truest self (Skill 12), even when life is difficult and emotions are BIG (Skill 19). Let’s get our GPS aimed for joy and peace!

Do i have to join live?

If you cannot attend the live event, you can still participate via recording. However, we encourage you to get a couple of friends together to go through the recording and exercises with you.  

If you are interested in group pricing or will be watching via recording with others, we recommend that you register for our post-event recording vs the live event. You can grab a recording in our After Event Store. The most current event’s recording will be available to purchase the week after it’s air date.

If you sign up for a live event and for some reason are unable to attend live, a recording will be provided 


Please note the following regarding pricing:

  • The pricing for our LIVE Online Practice Communities is $25 per individual. If you will be participating with friends, each of you must register individually. 
  • Because the relational skills are best practiced in community, the post-event recordings are sold only in group packages. We offer discounted rates for various group sizes.