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Learn the lifestyle of joyful living.

What is it?

Also known as Flex Track, True Identity is where you jump start your experience with joy using a variety of relational brain skills from appreciation to rest with engaging exercises to increase your ability to lead an Immanuel Lifestyle. All of this means you live peacefully and joyfully with the comforting awareness of God by your side. Your normal everyday life is transformed into a new normal of joy and peace.

How Its Different Than THRIVE Training:

Two Different Features
  1. You do not need a partner to participate in this event. 
  2. There is no required preparation to attend a five or two day event.  
  3. This event also can happen online while THRIVE is only an in person event. 

The 7 Essentials of Relational Living

  1. Restarting your brain’s normal. 
  2. Eating: using food to build my joy. 
  3. Inserting rest into my life. 
  4. Interacting with Immanuel. 
  5. Belonging: keeping my relationships big. 
  6. Playing: adding play to my life and relationships .
  7. Giving: living from a generous heart. 

How do I learn the skills?

The True Identity event combines neuroscience and theology with exercises designed to transform your life to a new normal of joy and peace. The training at True Identity takes place in triads so you join and rotate groups to practice exercises that train your brain in the skills that make relationships work. Each session alternates between high-energy joy and low-energy rest with exercises that match how God designed your nervous system to work.

Some exercises have an individual focus while others involve your group. Woven into this flow are engaging exercises that focus on interacting with God so you expand your ability to live with the peaceful awareness of God’s presence in your life. This interactive practice along with the diversity of skills each group offers leads to a well-rounded experience that equips, refreshes and inspires you toward what Scripture calls a “sound mind” with an “abundant life.”

What would my church gain from hosting a True Identity weekend?

Churches are the ideal host for a True Identity weekend, because the hosting responsibilities are easy while the results of the event on the community are vast.

True Identity provides Christ-like character change by equipping groups with the skills to rest, increase relational joy, live with a greater awareness of God’s presence, keep relationships bigger than problems, see others as God sees them, and more. Whether the community values spiritual formation, marriage enrichment, discipleship, or recovery, the skills from True Identity will empower people to better express their faith and develop earned maturity so God’s people remain resilient during fatigue, conflict, and trial.

The True Identity weekend emboldens church communities in their mission to make disciples and spread the good stuff with the world.

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