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I have been reflecting on the many things I am thankful for and ways I am in awe of how God timed the sale of our home. 18 months ago when we put our home on the market, we contemplated whether to move last year (2017) or this year (2018). At the time Chris’ 94-year-old Grandmother, Lillian, had lived with us for 2 years. It had been a very special season of multigenerational community within our home and she delighted in the boys and the boys loved their time with her. When we moved to Michigan, she would be moving in with Chris’ parents. We considered staying an extra year to give the boys extra time with her but realized that making long-term plans revolving around her was unwise as her health was fragile and at any time her needs could exceed our ability to care for her. We decided to move forward with our plans to move in 2017.

As it turned out, Grandma’s health held out and she was able to live with us until Spring of 2018, when a week before we moved to Michigan (on a temporary basis), her health took a turn and she had to move in with Chris’ parents who were more available to care for her. It is such a blessing to have had the extra time with her and I can see how God timed it perfectly to maximize our time with her!

Additionally, the extra year provided us with special times with friends and family and the ability to be a support (and be supported by) those we love in Illinois. There are so many blessings that have come from the waiting, even though the waiting was hard.

One thing that I have still been struggling with in the timing, is the financial cost of moving this year instead of last year. Because our house was on the market so long, we had to drop the price well below what we hoped to sell for over the many months it was on the market. Additionally, the housing market in Holland has accelerated even more since last summer, and homes are now cost at least 10% more this year than they did last year.

I was wrestling with this yesterday and talking to God about how I wish we could have moved last summer because of the financial impact of having waited until this year. I asked for His perspective on these matters, and the thoughts that came to mind surprised me.

The first thought I had was that God values relationship much more than He values money. In God’s economy, the value we all received from the extra year here and meaningful times in relationship far outweighed the financial cost of the delay. As I chewed on this thought, the next one caught me off guard even more. God valued the relationship with His children (us) so much that He sacrificed His most precious possession (His Son) to restore and reconcile our relationship with Him.

Wow! It is amazing to have that perspective on God’s love for me. I also felt God’s gentle assurance that He also knows our financial needs and will provide.

I feel like after talking to God and listening to His response, I can now fully embrace my joy in His perfect timing!

Where are you struggling with the “fall out” from God’s timing not being your timing? What might He want to show you today about His love for you in the midst of that frustration? Take a few minutes today and receive what He has for you.


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  1. Dawn Whitestone

    Thanks, Jen. What a great perspective! Isn’t it wonderful having Godsight? And how wonderful that God provides it when we ask Him!

  2. Mary Ellen Saunders

    Great sharing and perspective! As someone who has been through MANY moves, it never ceases to amaze me how God’s timing is perfect, even when we can’t see it in the moment. Sometimes it took years to be aware of all the benefits or the things the Lord accomplished in the waiting or because we had to wait.

  3. Misa Garavaglia

    Thanks for sharing this, Jen! There are so many opportunities as our daily lives unfold to hear from Jesus and gain His perspective on things… and that transforms us!

    I am struggling with having to take the time out of my work schedule and life to have an upcoming ankle replacement surgery (it will be at least 6 weeks in recovery). I also do NOT like the idea of going in for another surgery. While talking to Jesus yesterday He said that He wants me to let go of the control I THINK I have over my own life and surrender completely to Him… just like I have to do when I am medicated and rolled into the operating room. He says that He is the PERFECT doctor and I can trust Him completely, with my ankle, my time, my work, and my relationships.

    • Jackie Hershberger

      Misa, sorry to hear about the upcoming surgery, know that you are in my prayers! Eager to hear about the strength, in so many ways, that comes out of this surgery/time!! Thank you for sharing your journey before the surgery, it is a great help! Blessings to you dear sister!

    • Erna

      Hi Misa, I’m awaiting a right knee replacement which has about the same recovery time. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Currently I’m learning more about child maturity level skill of asking for help, letting people know I’ll need rides and visits/phone calls, etc. to stay connected during that time since I live alone. I’ll pray for you 🙂

  4. Dennis Householter

    What insight God gives us! His timing is always correct, even though we rarely think so. Thank you for sharing this event.

  5. Dana Bryan

    Thank you, Jen. Your story gives added dimension to some of the things the Lord has been saying to me about recent events in my life. Thank you for all your work and openness in this blog. Blessings on you.

  6. Jutta

    Jen, I am in a similar situation. Not because I have a house to sell, but because haven’t yet found the place God wants me to move to. Every option that did turn up, I did not get God’s peace about it. This has now been going for more than half a year. I feel like I’m always on the go, being ready to move next week. It’s tiring. Thankfully, at the moment I have a 3-months break from this uncertainty. So, I am very much waiting for God to come through and to see God’s perspective (probably only in hindsight). Thanks for sharing, Jutta

  7. Amelia Boggs

    Jen, I love your blog. It is fresh, alive, life-giving and usually hits home to where I am or have been. I always gain a renewed God-sight perspective in my own circumstances. Thank you! Praying for the coming months of transitioning into a new place and for Misa and Erna’s upcoming surgical procedures!

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