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As we head into Father’s Day, I want to share an inspiring word for fathers from Dr. Jim Wilder.


It is important to have a father but no one with one father has enough fathers. We all need a heavenly father on top of that because the love that is supposed to come through a father is always the love of the heavenly father flowing on through.

Yet for all human fathers, we must at some point also step out of the way a little bit and say you know for all my flaws my number one job is to point you to the heavenly father where you get the true and best love.

No matter how flawed your father has been the best he could have done would be to point you to your heavenly father.

One of the things that hurts about having a poor father is you don’t really have a chance to express your love to them the way you wanted.

It’s like a young girl’s dream of just being able to love their father in the way that lights him up like a Christmas tree and makes life wonderful.

It’s that idea of being delightful to somebody.

Young boys want to have their father’s eyes get big because it’s like “Wow, it’s me.”

That’s what gets hurt the most by bad fathering.  We lose the willingness to just sparkle.

An awful lot of getting over this is to release that sparkle again and being willing to just be the delightful person God meant you to be.

Let him (God) tease that sparkle back out of you.  That’s what causes one to become an overcoming father and helps one to become an overcoming child.

Our goal is to head back to the person that God created us to be.  And when we do that, there is a new freedom we walk in in-spite of our wounds.


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  1. Mike & Deana

    Yes, that’s what we want, too~being the people Gid created us to be! 😀 Thanks for this good & helpful blog, E. James Wilder III & Jen 😊

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