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THRIVEToday Director Chris Coursey demonstrating four-plus story skills about a time he was the source of distress for his friends. Hear how Chris navigated some nasty negative emotions, particularly shame and disgust, then recovered back to joy and peace. This example story demonstrates important brain skills that are crucial to recovering from painful negative emotions.

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  1. kath winter

    I really enjoyed the descriptive way the story was told as i was there with you, your friends and the turtle. thanks for exhibiting a ” return to Joy” real true moment when you stayed relational and remembered that your friends, your community, they know who you are and nothing intentional happened. so you relaxed and so did my body,. lets do more of these examples. thanks so much., kathi Winter

  2. Muriel

    I appreciate your story. I felt all the feelings you described. Taking a deep breath and quieting is a skill I am practicing lots as I renovate a house I bought. I appreciate the techniques you teach so much. When life gets tough and I don’t know what to do I can remember these skills until a solution to the problem appears.

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