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If you aren’t seeing what God is seeing when it comes to your spouse or others, it could be causing a failure to connect.

If what you need is a reconnection, ask God this question…

“God, how do you see my spouse?”  Be sure you wait and listen!

My wife was yelling at me, at least that’s what it felt like, and I wasn’t taking too kindly to her tone. She was making a point trying to convince me she was right. My face was apparently not giving her the idea I was convinced. When she took a breath, I tried to explain to her she was yelling at me but she denied it and became even more upset. This was getting us nowhere fast!

I excused myself from the room, found a quiet spot to sit, and then asked God this question, “God how do you see my wife?”  I took a deep breath, rolled my shoulders a few times, and then I heard God say, “I see a scared little girl.” It took me off guard but God graciously revealed that my wife’s tone was not anger but fear.

This is the relational skill of God-sight. Seeing what God sees rather than what I see.

When the view of my wife changed from anger to fear, my defensiveness dropped and my compassion kicked in. I was able to remain engaged relationally because God-sight changed my sight.

It’s one question and this one skill can make your relationships work.

Go on, give it a try, so you can THRIVEtoday!

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  1. Patrick Stewart

    Great and simple question that can save a moment or even the life of a relationship. Thanks Thrive Today for this gift of a tip.

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