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As we enter the Thanksgiving holiday season, we are especially grateful for the stories of appreciation the THRIVEtoday family has shared with us.

Having been training people in the 19 relational skills for nearly 20 years now – we are so grateful for the impact the skills have made in our inaugural year as a nonprofit organization.

Here’s how the skills are making relationships work:

What a joy to receive an invitation to serve in Malta at a worship and Aliyah conference with House of Prayer people throughout the Mediterranean coastlands!

On the day I was to fly to Malta… I boarded the wrong train so upon realizing where I was, I caught a taxi to the airport. But between the heavy Tel Aviv traffic and the train stop being blocked, we were stuck!  So, my driver sought an alternative route. Since my driver’s name was Moshe, I told him, “You once parted the Red Sea so this should be easy for you.” We had a good laugh and I was able to return to joy, although a bit nervously. While watching the clock tick, I was doing Shalom for My Body calming exercises…

When I first arrived at the airport, a lady told me it’s too late – the gate is already closed! But another lady said let’s try and she helped me rush through. I walked through the final gate seven minutes before closing – Hallelujah – Elohim is in control!”

~ Carolyn


On September 7th, 2018, I had a total knee replacement…

Last year I did preparation for Thrive Track 3, working a lot on ‘Returning to Joy from Complex Emotions’. So very glad I did! 

I believe that I was able to ‘Suffer Well’ or at least much better than I would have been able to do without Thrive training. Acknowledging my feelings and releasing them without ignoring or stuffing them had helped me recover without carrying trauma, even though everything certainly wasn’t without physical and emotional pain. 

Doing Shalom for my Body exercises and looking at my Joy picture album on my cell phone helped me remain calm during a very long and cold wait for the doctor during my pre-op assessment.

Telling and being told Joy Stories with my caregivers have helped me through a lot of pain while exercising post-surgery. Recently someone also going through challenges texted me, “Your joy blesses me… Life is so much better!!”

~ Erna


“I just have to share an awareness…of how much practicing appreciation has brought about a positive change in my life…WOW! Attending True Identity…impacted my life in such a way that I didn’t become aware of until I came out of the season I just did.

I am an introvert…I absolutely need my alone time in order to recharge…when summer hit and my schedule went crazy with one event after another I felt Immanuel leading me to participate in. Events that were overloaded with people for hours on end!

As a result of implementing the practice of stopping throughout my day and sitting in appreciation for 5 or so minutes at a time, … I was able to stay and enjoy these people and events much longer than ever! Practicing appreciation is changing so many areas in my life!”



“You have helped us sooo much … personally, our marriage and as a pastor, to our church folks. We have truly been transformed and have the privilege of journeying with others!”

~ Dana & Pam


We are grateful for the love, support, and prayers of our THRIVEtoday family this year! It has been a year full of exciting changes and transitions and we love looking back seeing God’s faithfulness and your involvement in this new season.

THRIVEtoday has grown over the years primarily through a relational network getting the word out. That is you! People have seen the changes in you as you practice these skills in your own lives and share them with others. Many have asked “what has changed?” and you have shared about the impact of the skills. We are getting the word out that relationships can THRIVEtoday!

Thank you for spreading the word, practicing the skills, attending the training events, and giving of your time and resources. We feel blessed to have you working alongside us in the quest to spread the skills that make relationships work in marriages, families, communities, and churches in the US and abroad!

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  1. kathi winter

    WE who have attended trainings and worked with groups at our churches are the
    ones to thank you all for your love, support, wisdom, and willingness to share it all. i love the Thrive trainings,. Kathi Winter

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