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Last week was Valentine’s Day. I usually look forward to some time with my hubby where we do something special. Unfortunately, ear infections, colds, and the dreadful flu bug hindered that plan. Lately, it seems my family just can’t get and stay healthy. Nights of interrupted sleep have drained my brain’s relational battery. My beloved helpmate was sick and in bed for several days which made everything harder.
Sickness plus little sleep equals one FRAZZLED MOMMA! My family and I have been weak and weary; can you relate?
I have to be honest. I have not done a very good job respecting my capacity. This means I pushed when I should pause and I ran when I should have rested. In the midst of the craziness, I have tried to give myself some grace. I have tried to stay tender to my weaknesses. I am sad to say that I have not handled the strain as well as I would have liked. I have been snappy. I have been irritable. I have overworked in spite of my exhaustion. All of this takes a toll.  
As I try to keep up with the normal routine of life it has become clear I am surviving much more than thriving. As the sickness spreads into this new week, I am now making the effort to trim back on the list of things on my plate. I am giving myself grace for the numerous details that are simply not getting done. I am taking advantage of the time with my sons to enjoy some extra snuggles when all they want is Mommy’s love and care. I am focusing on what makes me smile and using both appreciation and gratitude to increase my joy.
I suspect you, like me, are no stranger to pushing yourself in certain areas of life. As you think through your life at the moment, are there areas you need to give yourself grace and slow down in order to smell the roses? Research suggests that remembering and appreciating the meaningful things in life increase our happiness and enhance our overall well being. (1) I encourage you to take some time to give thanks and focus on special moments, people and things you enjoy.

Go on, tell God what you like about Him and share with friends and family members what you appreciate about their presence. Watch what happens!

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  1. Kendra Adams

    I love you Jen. I’m sorry it’s been such a tough season. I so respect your commitment to relying on God’s grace in every aspect of life. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement to do the same.

  2. Dawn J Whitestone

    Thanks for your vulnerability. Thanks for sharing when you have failed, AND how you are choosing to get back up and keep running the race-or at least walking it. 🙂

  3. Boggs Amelia

    Thank you. I relate fully to this today. My season of life looks different–caring for an aging parent and processing grief from A trauma as well as a failed marriage. Yet, connecting with Jesus and others is still my desire and gratitude and gentleness with my weaknesses are essential. I love your heart and vulnerability!

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