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Chris Coursey, President of THRIVEtoday, introduces another brain-friendly “four-plus” story on the perfect storm of emotions; shame + anger = humiliation.




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  1. stewart

    Hi Chris, awesome timing and very helpful as always. Humiliation is indeed a powerful and difficult emotion and knowing that Jesus Himself suffered it’s intensity more than any of us ever will gives me great boldness to go to Him when I feel stuck in it. Thank you for your humility to share a story that I can totally relate to. Thanks for the great reminder to ask Him where He is in the middle of our humiliation. This can be so liberating. It is amazing how easy it is for me to forget to ask this simple question in the middle of my upset. Thank you for your friendship and your open and hospitable heart. I feel like I was just sitting down with you and enjoying who God has made you to be. God bless you and Jenn and your great kids!

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