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Join us by viewing our recorded 3-Night Event!

Mom-come listen and learn

#MomLife is Hard – and even harder now in this pandemic season! With more to manage than ever before, moms are maxed out. Give yourself a few hours off to spend time with other moms feeling the same way.


$75 – For groups up to 5 in size (regularly $125)

$300 – For groups up to 20 in size (regularly $500)

$750 – For groups up to 50 in size (regularly $1250)

Find new ways to create joy and strategies for success

Over the course of  3 nights, we’ll be sharing tools to help you enjoy your family more and ways to help you find refreshment in the midst of the chaos.  

This Mama time is about blessing you with simple insights and tools that will breathe life into your soul and produce beautiful ripple effects in your family. You will come away with: 
  • Basic tools to recognize your own relational state and get to a positive relational place (even when you feel drained and wish you could just be alone).
  • An understanding of what it means to quiet and the value this skill plays everyday in our lives.
  • Insight into why appreciation really matters and how to use appreciation to get to a good relational place and stay there.
  • Guidance on how to give grace to yourself in moments of mistakes and how to interact with Immanuel in your weakness.
  • An ability to identify the steps for bringing repair to our relationships.

We hope you will join us!