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Grow the Skills to Relationally Impact Your Sphere of Influence

John Maxwell, a leader for leaders, says “Relational skills are the most important abilities in leadership.” Good leaders have good relational skills. As a leader, you are in the ideal position to create a profound ripple effect in those you serve – and those who serve alongside you. Whether you lead a business, pastor a faith community or run a ministry, relational skills are foundational for healthy, relationship-driven organizations that change communities and create a lasting legacy in the world. Investing in relational skills seeds “relational gold” into your leadership style, your leadership team and those who interact with you.   


Your Pathway

Gain Skills that Impact Your Sphere of Influence

Free Webinars

Join us for a free online webinar to learn about THRIVEtoday and the 19 skills.

Online Practice Community

Get a more in depth look at the skills in our three hour online training.

Online Marriage Group

Join a 6 week cohort that focuses on growing more joy in your marriage.

Our Books

Increase your relational skills knowledge through reading one of our many resources.

Skill Thoughts

Grab new understanding of specific topics from our THRIVE trainers .

Our Marriage/ Parenting Blog

Receive weekly resources on the 19 relational skills that can help encourage you as a family.

Online Courses

Our online courses consists of four classes that give you the brain science behind the skills.

Weekend Live Training

Join us for a live taste of the relational skills. All weekend training are hands-on and promote acquiring the relational skills.

THRIVE Training

Join us for our premier live training to learn the practical exercises and teaching that helps you acquire the skills.

One elder who received this training told me that relational skills training is "scientific spiritual training". I now have a clear vision for the second half of my life through these relational skills. One is to pass these skills on to the next generation; the other is to establish a Thrive community. I thank God for giving this vision to me.
Kiwon Lee