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Jen Coursey shares a few words and insights about ending your year with joy and peace while you pay attention to the limits of your emotional capacity. Instead of her usual insightful blogs, Jen decided to share some wisdom and well-wishes in this week’s video blog for you to finish your year well.

As we enter the busiest month of the year with family gatherings, shopping, parties and Christmas celebrations, it is all-too-easy to get caught up in the fun things you could be doing. What would you like to see when you look back on this season of your life?

It was two years ago when I first wrote a blog on the question, “Does it Bring Joy” Consider this question as you prioritize your schedule and plan your time. Seriously; does it bring you joy?

As I reflect on the craziness of my previous year, I feel some discouragement over the ways I failed at my job. Join me in finding joy at the end of the year when failures seem so obvious by reading “What My Failures Tell Me.”



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  1. Charles Spoelstra

    Thanks Jen! This is a great reminder of how to look at my life the way Jesus sees me. Asking questions about joy really helps to clarify things. I’ll definitely be thinking differently thanks to you. Have a very Merry Christmas.


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