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My friend Kristy Harrang came up with a creative idea I want to share with you. Most of us have at least one child who fearfully avoids feeling embarrassed – or struggles with shame. In truth, many of us parents struggle with this!

What if we could disarm the debilitating feeling of shame and embarrassment? What if shame and embarrassment simply rolled in as a wave then we recovered? What if people are glad to be with us while we feel these painful feelings and our shame turned into sharing some joy instead?

Kristy will share about how she hosted an “Embarrassing stories” gathering with her kiddos and describe what happened. Once I heard Kristy’s idea, we tried it one evening and this became a highlight for our family! Our boys thoroughly enjoyed sharing shame stories and laughing and/or cringing together over the circumstances. After our first night of story-telling, they asked, “Can we do this every night?” I think all of us can learn from this!

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