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Appreciation At Thanksgiving

Sharing stories of appreciation and gratitude are one of the best ways to share your joy with others. Learn more about sharing the good stuff and its effect in the upcoming book by Chris M. Coursey, The Joy Switch: How Your Brain’s Secret Circuit Affects Your Relationships…And What You Can Do About It.

1. During a gathering or family meal, go around the table and invite people to do the following:

Share several highlights from the year. Be specific. Example: “The opportunity to visit our friends in Colorado this summer was a lot of fun.”

2. Share what you feel thankful for from the year.

Example: “I feel thankful for the quality time I spent with my family.”


Bonus Step #1: When everyone finishes, go around the table and share something you enjoy about each person.

Example: “I enjoy how Mom loves us so much! Mom’s care for each of us inspires me.” 


Bonus Step #2: If you want to practice more fun, take turns sharing examples where you felt God’s love and goodness this year.

Example: “I feel Jesus’ love when I paint.”


Learn more with Joy Switch!

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